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Security, Reliability and Resilience

Space Cyber

Cyber Protection for both Space & Ground Infrastructure

The cyber protection of space ground infrastructure is a critical component of ensuring the integrity, reliability, and security of our space-based assets. Space ground infrastructure encompasses the numerous facilities, networks, and systems on Earth that support the operation, control, and communication with satellites and spacecraft. Protecting these assets against cyber threats is essential to prevent disruptions to satellite operations and maintain the functionality of critical space-based services.

Insurance Cyber

Assess the cyber risks associated with any company and identify potential system vulnerabilities.

Our cyber reports help insurers identify vulnerabilities, potential threats, and areas of non-compliance through a comprehensive evaluation of an organisations IT systems, networks, and controls.

Gain a better understanding of a company’s cyber security level and make more informed decisions about policy terms, coverage limits, and premiums.

By conducting cyber audits, insurance companies can help their clients prevent or mitigate potential cyber incidents. Our cyber reports help identify gaps or weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvement.

In the event of a cyber insurance claim, our cyber report can serve as a reference point to validate an insured organization’s cybersecurity practices. This helps insurers verify the accuracy and adequacy of the insured’s cybersecurity measures before settling a claim.